Wednesday, July 18

Love Survives

These besieged walls 
Cry tears of blood and pain
Lives, like lights, fade
As butterflies get crushed by the rain.

Hungry stomachs run amok
Ostracized by civilization
They consume what they find
Eat dog or child, reach satiation.

Jaunt, weak and orphaned
Zrano staggers along
Fed by hunger, he still runs
On these bloodied streets all alone.

Zrano!” the old man cries
“I’m hungry and starving my child
Give me some of your flesh
That I may feed myself tonight”.

Zrano replied “No! My old man
I got to run,
Lily, she’s waiting for me now
We have to catch up on a lot of fun”
Zrano went to that place
Where he’d first seen Lily
A faint white bloom, in the swamps of gloom
He’d brought her water, loved her truly.

Unlike his city
Zrano stayed sane
This was his secret
To not let a flower die in vain

Sanity was his survival
Love was his vital tool
Innocently he loved a flower
While the world thought he was a Fool.


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