Wednesday, July 4

A Child's Eye View: Its a Beautiful Life.

  The other day I was traveling in a school bus on the way home. Normally I travel by the city's transport buses, but today I just happened to be on a school bus. And I must say it was amazing to see the joy and the innocence that the kids radiated and also the huge amount of noise. So loud yet so completely soothing. 30 different groups of children all talking at the same time, some crying, some screaming, and still some more clutching stomachs in their melodious laughter. It's beautiful to see and its one of the things that Gives Me Hope for humanity's future. No matter what the circumstances, or what difficulties you have, a child's sense of wonder just dissolves the frowns on your face. It’s amazing to know that in such a grim and heartless world, there can be beings from our very own species that can possess the ability to make the most mundane things funny and the most irritating things, a joy.
      In today's world it’s very important to maintain your view on everything that goes on around us. It's important to keep it all in your Line-of-Sight. Some might take a Bird's Eye view and think that they're on top of the world. They'll look on from above, semidetached, while simultaneously looking for prey to hunt.

Yet another worm to be squashed

Completely on the opposite pole is the Worm Eye view, taken by crawlers, who love the ground and rather not climb the climb because it looks rather scary.

No Tree Too Tall

Then there are people with the Ant's Eye view. They are people who would ave been worms if not for their sheer determination to survive and their total willingness to do hard work.

Encounters with the 4th kind:

Find Joy
But what I'm most impressed by is a child's eye view. There’s nothing that he can't fit into his imagination. A bald man might be an alien or a clown to him. A pile of blocks become an impregnable tower that is soon smashed by his mighty powers. His toothbrush can brush, paint, conduct music, and become a gun or a wand. He counts the number of blue cars on the road and compares them with his tally of red cars. And then proves that blue cars are more popular. He sits on a bike and pretends to ride it while his little sister sits behind him waiting for her school to come. This is the eye of a child, to see things that are not there, to speak with true intentions, to know not and keep asking, to not letting one's feet see rest and most of all to love and trust unconditionally. Of all the creations that god hath made, a child indeed is the greatest. That is why, it is A Beautiful Life.

Love Truly.
Wonder on boy, Wonder on.

Curiosity is THE tool.


  1. Beautiful thoughtful post.....Even I love to spend more time with children....<3

  2. I know right?..... I miss the innocence!