Thursday, June 28

One day

It’s been three years since that wretched accident
I still curse the day of that incident

It all started as little flame
Which swallowed you without a trace

The ambulances arrived as the fires blazed
And on and on the red lights and sirens blared

Before one glimpse of you I could see
They ripped you away from me
Pulled me back as I ran toward you
As over your head they put a white sheet new

I paused as they closed the doors and drove away
You just couldn’t be dead
I just knew
It just couldn’t be true

The pure agony, I felt it
The raw pain, I dealt with

It ripped my heart away
Filled me with the utmost pain
The tears flowed
Finding no reason to stop

As I remembered the times we shared
It showed me how much you cared

I was the only one who knew my life
The only one who knew how I survived

Even with each passing year of sorrow
My love for you grew on

I guess you knew
I guess you saw that I still loved you

So you came back to me
You came back!!!
Back to life and
Back to my life
Like a ray of light
You swallowed the darkness inside

Now all I can see is you
I don't know if your return is really true
Now you are by my side every time
Don't know if it is a toy of my mind

But I don’t care as long as
You are here
As long as
You are near

You dance beside our bed like you always did
While I lay listening
To the rustle of your clothes
The tinkle of your earrings

And I sleep peacefully today
Knowing totally in a way
That some day I’ll be with you
ONE DAY I’ll dance with you …



  1. i loved your poem, a glimpse of your vivid memories! you truly have a gift to write beautiful poems! way to go :D
    and yea i blog too :D do check it out when you're free :)

  2. these are not memories by the way :D.... its just me letting my imagination run wild! :D thank you for the read :D and appreciation is appreciated :D