Thursday, June 28

Why I Write?

       I don't live in a particularly grim world, because I believe that my future is in safe hands. But there are times I just want to give up and just let those walls down for a moment and then cry my heart out to someone. But I just don't see anyone who'll want to hear the outpourings of a grieved soul.
      So sometimes I turn to music and I try to lose myself in the beats, in those strums, in the loud guitar riffs that set my heart pumping. I get lost in the world of notes and forgot all of my troubles, till l turn off the music. But as the music switches off, my memories turn on, and send me lower than I was before.
      Everything I have tried to set my heart right, has failed me. Love, friendship, laughter, movies, music, even my own poems.
    Except God.Once I touched the folds of the divine garment, I was able to let go of the disease that had my heart its home. I was able to stand up again. 
     This is love. To experience death by an inch, only to be saved by that divine friend who was willing to give up his life for you. This is Love. To know that you're loved and and to know that you're now free of that void in your heart that you carried for so long.
      This is Life.
To know that you were saved only because your creator who died to save you. This is Life. To know the touch of that savior.
      He weeps with me. He smiles at my victories and my joy. Most of all he listens and he knows what I'm going through, Because there is no Thought, no Emotion, No feeling that He doesn't completely know about.
      This is why I write. To tell him what I feel. I do this not for his benefit, but for mine. Now I know that he knows! 
That Is Why I Write!

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