Tuesday, August 28


Atop that tree,was a tiny parrot
with wings that were beautifully shown
Humble and happy
she always sang a merry note.

But There he came, armed with a gun
so awestruck by her beauty
pinned her neck and held her tight
and took her home in a cage, so glossy.

Poor parrot!
she tried to soar away
to feel the wind in her face
to be free again

She was fed and nourished
on food and water alone
but her heart still wanted to smell the trees
to catch another worm all alone

Days passed, she kept no count
as her body wasted away
all her former glory was now,
a shadow, dark and silent with nothing to say

He pitied her state,
and let her go
told her to fly away
Dazed, she just didn't know

She'd forgotten to fly
Forgotten to live
Freedom meant nothing now
she walked back into the cage, her last breath to give.

-Srivalli and Micah

About the Co-Author:
Srivalli (or Srivalli di) is an aspiring software designer currently located at Hyderabad. She writes the most soul-touching poetry, I've found in her a sister, a friend, a heart-sharer and a pillow. Do check her poetry at
She'll blow your head away i promise :D


  1. Ah....Now what should I comment..:P....Only two words....'We Rock!!' ;)